POS System for

Bathroom, Kitchen & Lighting
Showroom Businesses

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Sell with Ease

From giving quotations to following up on them, our system gives you the full picture to sell with ease.

Manage with Efficiency

Backorder management to raising purchase orders and handling delivery our system does it efficiently.

Analyze and Grow

Detailed reports give you an insight of the business and helps you make smart decisions to grow with confidence.

About Jacob

When we started off developing this POS system for the Plumbing & Lighting Fixture business we first wanted to understand the whole business from top to bottom, inside out. We wanted to learn the different situations and circumstances it faces on a daily basis, and how well we could develop a system that could handle anything and everything and yet be easy to use, effective to process and accurate to report and make it grow and be more successful.

And so, we listened …. and listened and spent countless number of hours understanding the business process from Pluming & Lighting Fixture business owners, sales staff, order desk personals, accounting personals, warehouse staff, and even customers.

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About the POS

A fully integrated Point of Sale (POS) system specifically developed for the Plumbing & Lighting Fixture business to give complete control thus increasing productivity and sales.

  • Cloud based system accessible from anywhere
  • Built on solid platform using the latest in technology
  • Straightforward and very easy to use
  • Excellent training and after sales support

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About Us

We are Sunbex with over 18 years of IT experience. The developers of Jacob and an end-to-end high tech Business Solution Provider to small - medium and large corporations. Our full spectrum of business solutions include: Customized Software Development, E-commerce, Web-Development, Mobile Application Development, Multimedia Services and Managed IT Services.

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